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Friday, 20 September 2013

'Sounding Out' The Competition

By Julia Russell

When you’re setting up a business, no matter how small, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the brand image.  The look and branding is so important when you’re trying to get across the essence of your company and encouraging potential customers to engage with you.  We had very personal reasons for choosing the name Tiggy, and running with our hedgehog logo, so that part was easy.  We wanted to integrate the origins of the American brownie with our UK company and our very British little hedgehog with her stars and stripes bow and apron did the job nicely.  Our choice of brown packaging and stationery fitted in well with our image too and our brand began to take shape.  After being carried forward by our concept there was a moment  just after the launch, when we had a intense surge of crushing doubt – a British hedgehog selling American brownies, what were we thinking of, would anyone else ‘get’ it.  Luckily they did!

Our concept was all well and good but we didn’t want it to be too ‘Countryfile’ and ‘farmhouse kitchen’ - we are, after all, in a technology led, media charged world.  Social media rules and if you want to get ahead you need to get a handle on cyber interaction very early in the game.  It has to be said, ‘Tiggy’ is a technology tart – she thoroughly enjoys the social banter, the latest techie toy or an innovative site with a new idea and a fresh and different image. 
When we first visited the Voice Takeaway site it ticked all the boxes.  The site immediately draws you in with its menu led theme and diner style graphics.  More importantly Voice Takeaway deliver a professional and polished product which offers a company something very important.  An audio greeting whether it’s an audio logo for a website or presentation or a call greeting for your phone line can set you apart from your competitors.  We feel our custom answerphone  message gives us an edge and creates a fabulous first impression of our company.  If we’re busy baking and we can’t get to the phone we can feel confident our audio clip will present our customers with an impressive personalised greeting that audibly demonstrates their custom is important to us and offers clear information about how to order, where to find our web site and how to leave a message.  It’s the next best thing to being able to answer the call ourselves and personifies the upbeat, friendly image we want to portray to our customers where customer service is key and satisfaction is paramount.
Julia Russell is the owner of 'Tiggy's Brownie Co'. For more information visit http://tiggysbrownieco.co.uk

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