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Thursday, 4 September 2014

5 Reasons To Get An Audio Logo

What is an audio logo? It's a question business people sometimes ask in the face of jargon-friendly marketing men. Well here's a no-nonsense explanation:

"An audio logo is a short sound clip that instantly identifies your brand"

For example, the McDonald's "I'm loving it" jingle is an audio logo. So too is this famous ditty from Intel:

As you can hear, it's a simple sound that communicates instantly the essence of a brand and inspires the listener to immediately associate it with Intel.

But don't fall into the trap of assuming that audio logos are only relevant for big corporate giants like McDonalds and Intel. In fact, they can often be most effective for smaller businesses.

Here are our 5 reasons to get an audio logo:

1 - They're Memorable
One of the biggest challenges for any marketing effort is getting your message to stick in people's minds. What's the point of pushing a great product if no-one is going to remember it? Audio logos can be memorable because of their simplicity, and because studies show that we remember music and sounds more effectively than other forms of marketing. When you're competing in a competitive market, having a memorable brand can be crucial.

2 - They're Versatile
Once you've got your own audio logo, there's no end of ways to use it. If you're in the business of commissioning TV or radio ads, then deploying your audio logo at the end of them helps re-enforce your brand. But you can also use it for your website, on-hold messaging, call greetings, presentations and events. Audio logos are one of the most versatile marketing tools.

3 - They're Short
One of the greatest problems with marketing is the fear that potential customers have simply switched off by the time they've finished reading your newspaper ad or hearing your sales pitch. In today's fast-moving world, short and snappy audio logos can be a real asset because they can communicate your brand in such a brief space of time.

4 - They're Creative
There's no set formula for how an audio logo should sound - as long as it's distinctive. In the case of Intel, it's just a jingle comprised of a few notes. In the case of McDonalds it's a simple tune communicated in a number of different ways. But you can also insert words and strap lines into your audio logo. In fact, there's no end to the ways in which you can be creative. If your brand is designed to appear friendly and approachable, you can make your audio logo bright, cheery or even funny. If your brand is serious and professional, you can make your audio logo reflect that as well.

5 - They're Cost Effective
Don't think that just because they're used by big companies, audio logos are necessarily extortionately priced. In fact, once you've commissioned your audio logo, you'll get so much use out of it, it'll become cheaper with each play. At Voice Takeaway, our audio logos start at £35/$58 (excluding VAT) - a price that will soon seem a bargain.

To find out more about audio logos or to purchase one from Voice Takeaway, please visit: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Audio-Logos-s/1853.htm

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