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Monday, 21 October 2013

5 Ways To Use Audio For Charitable Events

If you think audio marketing is only relevant for businesses looking to bolster their profitability - think again. Like all marketing, it can also be used for the promotion of charities, non-profit organisations or fundraisers. This blog offers a few basic tips to help use audio to promote your charitable event.

1 - Create an audio logo for your event
Audio Logos are short sound images that capture the essence of your event through music and/or voiceover. Just think of the way they’re used in commercial business (e.g. the Intel jingle or the McDonald’s whistle) and imagine how the same slick sound can benefit your event. Oftentimes, audio can be both the most effective and the simplest means of conveying the purpose, mood and style of an event. For more information about audio logos, have a listen to some examples: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Audio-Logos-s/1853.htm

2 - Use audio to advertise your event
Conventional advertising can play a key role in the successful promotion of an event. Make sure your audio is of a high quality and reflects the ethos of your chosen charity in order to sound well organised and trustworthy.

3 - Use voices that best represent your charity and its values
Voiceovers are often a central part of any promotional campaign. For charitable events, fundraisers or campaigns it is especially important to choose a voice that captures the values of your charity. Think about whether you want a trustworthy, re-assuring voice to convey the seriousness of your cause, or perhaps record a message using someone your charity has been able to help to add an emotional effect.

4 - Use tailored on-hold messaging
If your charitable event involves a ticket hotline or an information service, consider the opportunities that on-hold messaging presents. Rather than simply playing music down the phone, how about telling your callers more information about how they can get involved, donate or attend future events. For more information about on-hold messaging, have a look at these examples: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/On-hold-s/1827.htm

5 - Consider how audio can help your individual cause
Each charitable event will have a different focus, and it could be that audio can have a significant role to play in helping those for whom you are raising money. For instance, audio-guides could be ideal if you’re charity event is raising money for the blind or visually impaired. By the same token, make sure your audio content comes in a range of languages if you are helping an overseas charity. 


Those are just a few simple suggestions for using audio to promote your charitable event. For more ideas and information, visit http://www.voicetakeaway.com

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