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Friday, 11 October 2013

How Business Can Use Audio For Marketing

We're in a digital boom time and one of the fastest growing marketing tools is audio. Here at Voice Takeaway we specialize in helping businesses large and small use audio as part of their marketing strategy. From our experience, we’ve found the following are all super-effective ways of utilizing audio.

So you've got people visiting your website and you want to boost your rankings - how can you keep them there longer? Think about how audio can be used to make the online user-experience more dynamic and memorable. Let audio help you tell your story. That doesn’t have to mean having audio blaring out at you from the moment to visit your homepage, but you could consider using audio with web videos, promo films, Prezi presentations, product demos and slide shows. There are lots of social media platforms available to you to publicise your content: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Slideshare, Instagram, Soundcloud, Pinterest and so on. Tip: Media clips that feature great audio are easy to share via social media - they’re a brilliant way of showing your brand's personality and can attract re-tweets and interaction.

Audio Logos
First of all - what is an audio logo? It's a way to use audio as a 'sonic trigger' that helps your fans, followers and customers remember your brand. An audio logo is a short sound image that captures the essence of your brand and can be used across several platforms. Just think of Intel or McDonald’s - both use audio logos in a really effective way. Audio logos give you 'stand out' in a crowded market place. Tip: Consider having a bespoke Audio Logo created for your brand - make it unique and truly yours.

Customer Communication
Audio needn’t just be used to attract new customers, it can also play a role in making sure that your current customers keep coming back. A call greeting and on-hold messaging reinforces your brand and can tell customers about promotions, products, services and discounts they might not otherwise know anything about. Use audio to share customer testimonials, mission statements, staff biogs and news across all your communication platforms, newsletters and social media. Tip: Add a link to an audio clip in your next mailout telling customers about your best-selling product.

Education & Training

If your business involves training or education make the most of audio in this field too. Slideshows can be transformed by the addition of voice-overs or music, whilst e-learning courses or educational films will benefit from top-quality sound as well. Producing good quality media-rich educational material can help you maximize your training budget. Tip: Use Audioboo to make the most of your educational content - why not release short audio clips to promote your sales tips via social media?

Advertising is often at the fore-front of a business’ marketing effort. Be it on a small or a big scale, make sure that audio plays a role. Research shows
 that viewers will tolerate poor visuals but if the audio's bad, they just bail out (http://provideocontent.com/amateur-video-bad-audio/). High-quality, professional audio enhances commercials on TV, radio and online. Don’t just settle for a poorly produce in-house version - trying to do it on the cheap never pays off in the long-run. Tip: Try out some in-store messages to help you sell seasonal products. Tie this in with well positioned point-of-sale marketing and then measure how much extra stuff you've sold.

Music plays a key role in effectively conveying your business’ image. Using royalty-free or bespoke music can provide a huge lift to your marketing effort and is another powerful tool for conveying what you want to get across about your brand. Tip: Read this blog by our music partners about choosing the right music for your brand (

Casting Celeb Voices
Casting a celebrity voice-over artist is a great way to add a slick, professional edge to your brand whilst also making it instantly feel more familiar and memorable. Celebrities can give you a great PR story as well - but do make sure you have the budget before you start writing a celeb wish list! Chose a celebrity whose image matches your desired brand and approach them to provide voice-overs for your radio, TV or online advertisements. Tip: Brainstorm a list of celebs you'd love to have record the voiceover for your audio. Your choices will tell you a lot about how you perceive your own brand!

Ways To Reach Consumers
Good marketing sometimes requires thinking outside the box a little. These days almost everyone with access to the internet uses a mobile device. Why not use audio for text alerts, ring-tones or even wake up alarms? There are no limits to how audio can be used to increase your business’ marketing potential. Tip: Think about how you could promote a quirky ringtone to help reach your customers and create virality.

The above are just a few ways you can use audio to help your business’ marketing. For more information or for any queries, visit: http://www.voicetakeaway.com

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