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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The 12 Sounds Of Christmas

Christmas is a truly sensual time of the year. From the smell of roasted chestnuts to the sight of a glimmering tree, our senses go into overdrive over the holiday period. One of the most important festive senses is what we hear, and so here at Voice Takeaway we've compiled a short list of our '12 Sounds of Christmas'.

1. Carol Signers
Nothing says Christmas like the sound of your local carollers approaching your front door. There are so many classic carols - here's what happens when carollers are let loose in a shopping mall...

2. Corks Popping
It wouldn't be the festive period if there wasn't an opportunity to get merry! Whether it's Champagne, Mulled Wine or Eggnog that's your tipple - the chances are you'll hear more than a few corks popping over Christmas...

3. Sleigh Bells
It often seems that you can make anything sound festive just by adding a the sound of a few sleigh bells - here's a case in point...

4. Smashing Baubles
No matter how delicately you place them on the tree - or how carefully you tip-toe around it, why is it that every year at least one bauble or decoration falls off and smashes on the floor! And isn't it annoying how it's never that hideous thing you bought at a charity sale for the blind...

5. That Annoying Dancing Santa
At first glance those novelty toys which sing and dance are great fun - but soon they can drive you up the wall! Either way...they're a distinctive sound of Christmas!

6. Relatives Arguing
You know it's been a very successful Christmas if it can pass without a single inter-family argument. When things kick off over who gets the last mince pie, even your new sound-proof ear-muffs won't help!

7. The Great Escape Theme Tune
Here's one for our British customers! The classic 1963 movie has been a fixture on British television over the festive period. Indeed, hardly a year goes by without the family settling down to watch Steve McQueen clamber upon his motorbike...

8. The Office Photocopier
It's not big, it's not funny and it's most certainly not clever - you know what we're talking about. Just because you've had one too many at the office party does not mean it's acceptable to photocopy your derrière, not that that stops some people... 

9. Christmas Songs On The Radio
They may be cheesy, there may only be a handful of good ones, but that doesn't stop us "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" to the sound of Brenda Lee or drunkenly singing along to Shakin' Stevens. Here's a true Christmas classic...

10. Post-Lunch Snoring
It happens every year - you've stuffed your face with Turkey, somehow found room for Christmas pudding and then washed it all down with an unhealthy amount of wine. By the time you've all sat down on the sofa you can rest assured at least half of the room will be snoring louder than your nephew's new robot toy...

11. The Sound Of The Kids Up At The Crack Of Dawn
You hear a rustling downstairs, a few excited strains - what could it be? You turn to your alarm clock at see it's 4.57am and think nothing of it - until you realise its Christmas Day and the kids are up already and tearing into their presents!

12. Santa's 'Ho Ho Ho'
What more is there to say other than let's hear it from the man himself...

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