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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How To Use Business Audio At Christmas

As Christmas draws in, it's important that your business is fully prepared for the holiday season. That doesn't just mean throwing up a bit of tinsel in the office or wishing your customers a 'Merry Christmas' as they leave the store, it also means making your entire brand and marketing ready for the festive period. Here are some 5 key tips for using business audio at Christmas.

1 - Make Sure Your Customers Know When You're Open
One of the biggest challenges for businesses over Christmas is making their customers aware when they are open or not. It's important that you make this information clear and accessible because otherwise it could cost you those all-important holiday sales! One of the best ways to communicate this information is through the use of audio. For example, update your call greeting with information about your opening times over the festive period. For examples of call greetings, follow the link: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Call-Greetings-s/2001.htm

2 - Make A Christmas Radio Advert
We'll all have heard the sheer number of Christmas ads on TV and radio at this time of year. They work because they twin association between an emotive and joyous time of the year with a product or service. The same can apply to your business, however small. Make a Christmas-themed radio ad, perhaps including some humour if appropriate, or alternatively post a Christmas video on YouTube. It'll really help build brand personality.

3 - Update Your On-Hold Messaging
One of the great challenges of good on-hold messaging is keeping it personal. One of the best ways to do this is to update it for the holidays. This can involve letting customers know of any holiday promotions, offers or sales, or simply wishing them a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

4 - Use Festive Web Audio
Your website is a great tool for using business audio. During the holiday season especially, it's a great idea to update your web audio to make it relevant to the time of year. It displays brand personality and is more likely to keep the web visitor engaged with your site. For examples of web audio, follow the link: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/category-s/1900.htm

5 - Don't Exclude Other Faiths
Don't forget that it isn't only Christians who'll be needing your services over the festive period. Whilst there's nothing wrong with your business celebrating Christmas, make sure your don't turn away those of other faiths. As a suggestion - you could choose to use the phrase 'happy holidays' or 'season's greetings' in your messaging rather than simply 'happy Christmas'. Alternatively, take the time to mention other religious celebrations. For instance, wish your Jewish customers a happy Hanukkah.

Those are just some basic tips for using business audio at Christmas. For more information and ideas, visit: http://www.voicetakeaway.com

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