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Friday, 14 March 2014

How The Travel Industry Can Use Audio Marketing

This is a guest blog from travel journalist Ben Clatworthy.

Audio marketing is one of the fastest growing ways to communicate a message, and it is particularly effective for businesses who rely on selling experiences. In few places does this apply more than the travel industry, where a well deployed piece of evocative audio can often be instrumental in securing those all-important bookings.

Imagine you're starting to think about holidays in the cold, damp months of late winter and early spring – the relaxation of the summer can seem a million miles away. Yet if you're a travel agent, hotel or resort, you can use audio marketing to help make such a scene feel a little bit more tangible. An exotic audio logo can neatly define the essence of your business. An emotive radio advert can make the listener dream of their summer break. Perhaps a collection of audio testimonials from your previous customers can help convince them that yours is a company they can trust to deliver a quality experience.

There is almost no limit to the number of ways in which audio can be used to help sell the wide range of products and services associated with the travel industry. Because of the nature of audio, its a great chance to get creative and communicate your message on a more instinctive level. For example, the sound of cow bells will always be more effective at painting a mental picture of a skiing break than some words on a page. Or try an audio blog from travel experts offering holiday advice and tips – it will always sound more personal and trustworthy than a round-robin email.

A key part of what drives our decision to book holidays, travel and foreign trips is our emotive desire to get away, explore and discover new experiences. Audio is one of the most powerful tools to unleash those emotions and it's about time the travel industry took full advantage.

Ben Clatworthy is a British journalist, specialising in travel, skiing and adventure sports. He has written for various publications including 'The Times' and 'In The Snow' magazine. For more information about Ben, please visit: http://benclatworthy.com

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