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Friday, 28 February 2014

5 Reasons To Discover Audio Blogging

Everyone has heard of blogging, right? Well image what would happen if you could HEAR blogging? Well, you can. Audio blogs are becoming an increasingly effective tool for businesses, organisations and charities to communicate their message. Want to know why? Here are Voice Takeaway’s five reasons to discover audio blogging.

1 - The Voice Is Always More Engaging Than The Pen
*Not that written blogs are really done with pens but you take our point! Hearing something direct from the communicator has an innate power and personality that is often lacking in standard written blogs. By using your own voice to create an audio blog you can inject personality and pace to enhance its effect. We instinctively trust a human voice more than just words on a screen.

2 - It Can Make Your Blog Stand Out
The blogosphere is a crowded place and so using audio blogs is a great way to shake things up. You don’t have to replace all your written entries, but by publishing an audio blog from time to time you are more likely to grab the attention of your online followers and fans.

3 - They Fit In With Our Busy Lives
The modern world is a hectic place and we don’t always have time to read a full blog post. By contrast, an audio blog which can be downloaded and transferred to a smart-phone or mp3 player gives us the opportunity to engage with blogs by listening to them on our commute, at home or even at the gym!

4 - They Can Showcase A Range Of Voices And Opinions
A great tool for making the most out of audio blogs is to incorporate many different voices or opinions. For example, if your business centres around advice and expertise why not make one of your audio blogs a discussion between members of your team to showcase the experience and knowledge that you can offer. Because of the nature of audio blogs there are far many more possibilities for creativity and innovation, so embrace that and use it to your advantage.

5 - They Are Great For Sharing On A Range Of Platforms
Blogs are already a great tool for creating shareable content, but audio blogs are able to reach a whole new range of platforms. Audio blogs can be uploaded to platforms such as AudioBoo, SoundCloud and YouTube and embedded within your own blog and website. They can also then be shared via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and help integrate your social media platforms to create a commanding and engaging online presence.

And before you ask, no it doesn’t cost the earth to produce an audio blog. You don’t need professional recording software, indeed you can record yourself via free downloadable apps or software on a smartphone, laptop or PC. We’d recommend checking out some of the free versions of the old Adobe Audition which is a great place to start for no cost at all.

And just to demonstrate the power of audio blogs, here’s an audio blog version of this very post! Have a listen and hear for yourself what effect they can have:

Those are just five benefits of audio blogging - a new and exciting form of online content that could be perfect for your business. If you’d like more information about audio blogging or business audio of any type, feel free to visit our website www.voicetakeaway.com.

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