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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How Can Audio Be Used To Sell A Home?

When I was asked to write this post I deliberated over the question, could audio really be used to sell a home?  Buying a home is all about the senses; it’s the emotional feeling you get when you walk through the door, the visual display that awaits you.  But what if those sense were taken away, what would we rely on then?  

Voices have such a dramatic effect, the seductive tones of Sean Connery to the powerful bellows of Brian Blessed.  Actors use their voices to whisk us off to a land of make believe.  Like the words jumping off a page, their melodic descriptions allow is to create a scene in our minds even if we can’t see the picture in front of us.

Selling a home isn’t just selling bricks and mortar; it’s about selling a lifestyle.

So is audio a missed opportunity when selling your home?  Imagine arriving at the viewing and being presented with some headphones.  As you walk up the garden path, the design around you is setting the scene ready for when you open the door.  As you walk through the house you are entertained with a descriptive audio not only describing each room but the helpful information you may forget to ask.  

In addition to this walk through, you are also able to download a number of helpful podcasts regarding the property.  Selling the lifestyle of a home is a growing tool with many estate agents, but why not put these on audio rather than text.  The owners telling the story about why they choose this house, the happy memories they have had there, their favourite part of the home.  Telling in their own words why it is time to move on and how they feel this home would be perfect for you.  Being able to download a Podcast on the locality, local people talking about the area, the schools and their favourite things to do.  Having a Podcast from the estate agent discussing the important sales information, the local market and advice on putting in an offer.  How powerful would these resources be?  How innovative would you think your agent was if they were completely thinking outside the box and trying something new?

We may not all be able to have Sean Connery describing our home – instant sale!  But we should never forget how powerful audio can be.  So why not try something different and try and add a touch of audio to sell your home.

Andrea Morgan has always had a passion for property and interiors.  Her acclaimed twitter account @RightmoveAddict features her successful and award nominated blog www.tryingtobalancethemadness.com.  Andrea recently launched her new venture Citrus Content, a content writing service which provides refreshing content for property and interior businesses. She is a Certified Blog Contributor for Rightmove, has been featured in Show Home magazine, and presented on the interiors stage at Grand Designs Live.

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