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Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 5 Audio Marketing Secrets

The days of marketing simply by having an ad in the local paper or having a flyer in the local shop have long gone. Nowadays, internet marketing has helped make the means by which you can reach your target audience broader than ever. One of the most up and coming marketing channels is the proper use of audio.

Audio marketing is a truly multi-platform marketing tool. From on-hold messaging to events and presentations, the options are almost limitless. Check out our list below for our top 5 audio marketing secrets.

1. Have An Audio Logo
Brand imaging shouldn't just stop at a visual logo - audio logos are often more useful because they can be used online, in radio commercials and for call greetings and on-hold switchboards. What is an audio logo? It's a short sound of music and/or voiceover that captures your business' brand. Just think of the Intel jingle or McDonald's whistle! Want to hear some examples, follow the link: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Audio-Logos-s/1853.htm

2. Use Call Greetings
You should never miss a chance to market your business - even if you are out of the office or unable to reach the phone! Using high-quality audio for a call greeting helps convey a sense of professionalism and could help convince potential customers that they can rely on your business. For ideas - have a listen to these: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Call-Greetings-s/2001.htm

3. Try On-Hold Marketing
When your clients are on hold, what's the point in just playing them a cheesy old song that'll probably send them round the bend and could make them feel undervalued as a customer. Instead, why not use on-hold messaging to tell them more about your business' values, services, offers and promotions. It's a great way to get your message out there. Tip: Choose a voice type for messaging that fits with your desired brand: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Voice-Takeaway-Voice-Types-s/1850.htm

4. Use Audio Testimonials
Hearing somebody vouch for your business can often be so much more effective than simply a written recommendation. Audio testimonials at their best convey a sense of passion and emotion than is almost impossible to convey in written words alone, hence they are more likely to be trusted by your customer.

5. Incorporate Audio Into Presentations
If you're pitching to a big client or potential customer or partner, think about the way audio can enhance your presentation. There's nothing worse than a dry and tedious presentation, so why not try using audio to help make your pitch stand out and become more engaging? Want some ideas, listen to the following: http://www.voicetakeaway.com/Presentation-s/1832.htm


Those are just a few audio marketing secrets. For find out more ways to market your business via audio - visit: http://www.voicetakeaway.com

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