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Friday, 22 November 2013

Why On-Hold Marketing Matters

We've all been there - a cheesy tune blasting down the phone, a feeling of being ignored by the operator at the other end of the line - it's safe to say, that being on-hold can be a mind-numbingly tedious experience. But it doesn't have to be - and this blog will tell you why. Instead of merely playing music to your callers, use it as a means of marketing your business. For a start, if they're already calling you, there's a good chance that they're interested in finding out more about what you offer. Secondly, using audio and voiceover to tell your customers relevant information about your business can be a lot more interesting than hearing 'Careless Whisper' for a third time in a row! Here's a list of reasons why on-hold marketing matters:

Maximises Time With The Customer
There aren't many instances in business when you have the attention of your customer, but when they're on-hold and waiting to speak to you in person, you have a unique opportunity to connect with them and share information. Make sure you use it!

Allows You To Inform Your Customer
Use on-hold marketing to tell your customer or potential customer about your business' values and guarantees. In addition, why not try telling the caller about your latest deals, discounts and promotions? You could even use a powerful audio testimonial from satisfied customers to underline the quality of your service, or perhaps let them know if your business has won any consumer or industry awards recently? There's no end of useful and relevant information that you can pass onto your callers - so be creative and make the most of the limited time they spend on hold.

Gives A Good First Impression To New Customers
First-time callers or potential customers may be unfamiliar with your business. If they hear a professional and relevant informational package that makes them more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to feel reassured that yours is a business they can trust, plus it also helps distinguish you from competitors who might only play music on-hold.

Reassures Customers
One of the worst aspects of using music for on-hold systems is that it can make the customer feel unimportant and forgotten about. Especially if you're switchboard is often busy and there's a high chance that customers will be made to wait for more than a minute or two, it's important to use on-hold marketing to ensure they feel valued.

Keeps Callers Entertained
Waiting on-hold is never the most exciting experience, so use on-hold marketing to make the wait more entertaining. Use audio and voiceover to get across your brand's personality and don't be afraid to use humour if it's appropriate for your line of business.

Those are just a few reasons why on-hold marketing matters. For more information visit: http://www.voicetakeaway.com

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