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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Power Of Audio For Relaxation

This is a guest blog for Voice Takeaway by The One Thai Massage, who offer mind-unwinding therapies in the heart of Manchester city centre.
Imagine yourself in a spa, or a massage centre. You’re relaxed, lying on the massage bed, the room is warm and scented with aromatic oils, the atmosphere is peaceful, and it’s completely silent.
There’s something missing, isn’t there? For the vast majority of people, music is part of the treatment experience. Soothing sounds help to enhance a massage, facial or therapy more than you might realise.
In America, studies by the Touch Research Institute in Miami have shown that music is helpful in reducing people’s cortisol levels. High cortisol levels are often present in people who are stressed, in pain or anxious, and so it figures that anything we can do to bring down the levels of this hormone will be beneficial for them and help them get even more benefit from their massage therapy. In one study, just ten minutes of hand massage combined with music was effective in reducing agitation in a group of elderly participants.
We find that the right music sets the scene for a massage treatment, and all of our rooms are kitted out with separate stereo systems. Therapists choose the musical accompaniment according to the type of treatment, from a selection of options on a memory stick we provide. It makes the whole experience incredibly relaxing, and studies have shown that it’s not just the clients who benefit from the use of music; it also helps to set the tempo for the therapist, and helps them get into a rhythm.
In the future, as we expand, we might look into a more advanced stereo system such as  Sonos or something similar as an option.
We don’t currently have on-hold music although it’s something we are keen to explore as an option as the business expands. We have to be very careful about the type of music we choose too, clients might enjoy staying on hold while listening to a relaxing piece of classical music, but pop music isn’t for everyone, and might be more likely to put clients off in some cases. We’d be looking at selections of soothing, relaxing music that evoke the atmosphere of a massage room, and hopefully set the scene for a potential client’s treatment.

For more information about The One Thai Massage please visit: http://www.theonethaimassage.co.uk/Home.html#.Ut5L3xY4m2w

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