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Voice Take Away
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Friday, 28 June 2013

Secrets of a voiceover - out-takes galore!

Ever wondered what really happens inside a voiceover's studio? It's a high pressure environment - the voice has to (usually) get it right first time and often hasn't had any time to read the script beforehand. The stakes are high and the producer's patience can wear very, very thin. The voice booth is a hotbed of tension, stress and spittle.

Here's a montage of out-takes featuring the astounding professionalism of our very own CEO, Emma Clarke. We had lots of material to choose from but here are the highlights.
  • Emma being unable to say the word 'sump.'
  • Our bleep machine going into overdrive...
  • A random squirrel!
You should hear her try and say 'recruitment requirements' at speed... Honestly, that's a whole other out-take reel...

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